Stone & Slate Cleaning


Cleaning natural stone floor surfaces and restoring their appearance needs specialist knowledge and skill.

Our commercial floor cleaning expertise means that limestone cleaning and the restoration of stone floors like terrazzo and marble can often be achieved to a high standard without the need for aggressive methods like grinding and resurfacing.

Our Stone & Slate floor cleaning and sealing service for limestone, marble and travertine completely revives and protects with the minimum disruption.

However at times a more aggressive procedure is required and when this is the case we use honing powder.

Honing Powder is a non-acidic compound for removing scratches, acid etching, wear patterns which restores the stone surface to an even honed, flat finish. It is available in 5 abrasive grits for a variety of honed finishes – from deeply honed to satin.

After honing  polishing powder is used to give a shine to the floor.

If the floor is extremely pitted and scratched grinding may be required, followed by polishing to your requirements.

Also to protect your floor sealant can be applied.