Floor Laying

We specialise in laying all types of wooden flooring. This will done by our experienced staff and provides our customers with a fast, clean and very efficient service. We are totally flexible on how your floors are chosen. We can fit the floors you have chosen or alternatively we can offer the complete package and provide the floor after discussions with you to select the floor you want.

We fit floors including Wood Strip, Parquet, Herringbone, Block Flooring, Engineered Wood Floors, Laminates, etc.

Our work force has experience in laying numerous floor products, ranging from laminate to hardwood.

We lay floors in a variety of ways depending on the type of material chose. Methods of laying include – Glued, Floating or Clip Lock.

All door frames and architraves are undercut to allow positioning of the new floor underneath if this is required.

When fitting a new wooden floor an expansion gap must be provided to allow seasonal movements, this gap is hidden in mainly 2 ways.

Option 1 is to remove the skirting board, install the new wood floor and then refit the original skirting board to hide this expansion gap.

Option 2 is to fit colour coordinating beading which is secured to the existing skirting board and not the floor.

We can remove and dispose of old floor coverings if you wish us to do so.

For a free no obligation wood floor fitting quote or advice please contact us.